Personal Training

Training Session with TRX

Certified personal trainers must show proficiency in exercise science, screening and evaluation, methods of training and program design. These are topics most people are not familiar with, but are essential to putting together an appropriate exercise program.

Training Session with Exercise Ball and Free Weights







A personal fitness trainer provides structure, motivation, and positive feedback to help clients meet their wellness and fitness goals. All this is done keeping safety in mind, so that the client does not experience any muscle or joint injuries. While some individuals can learn safely from exercise DVDs or group classes, many benefit from the individual attention of a personal trainer who provides feedback and carefully monitors each client’s technique while providing the progression of exercises that are most effective for that person.  Also, many clients benefit from the supply of sample exercise ideas to perform on their own between training sessions.

Personal training in a private setting can give you the motivation and the power to make permanent changes in your life for health and fitness.

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